How start your photography business – Part I

Photography Business

The website:

First, you need a website, for that look at all the boudoir website you find, pick one who you like the most for the layout of the site.

You need to have a lease 10 boudoir images, the best of the best, it’s not about the quantity but about the quality, you don’t put all your photos in your gallery but only the best one. Theses photos need to be clean, retouched, and represent your style.

You need to be somewhat different from your local competitors.


To create a website, you can either use services like people on square space, Wix or Weebly, that offer templates to personalize, add-ons for creating a checkout process including payment processing and the service could range start at $25 per month for just a splash page.

Or you can choose a popular platform like WordPress that […]

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Photography Workshop May 27th 2016 – NYC

Welcome to my workshop

This workshop is designed for photographers who are looking to take their craft one step further, learn new techniques and get some hands on experience and feedback.


My goal is to really teach you concrete techniques, especially for lighting, motivate you, and help you take your photography career or passion to the next level.

Workshop 2

Details of the workshop below







About the photographer


Raya was born in Israel. 
When she was 10, she moved to Paris.

With her first small job she buys her first camera. A few boring jobs later comes a more serious camera and an irresistible passion for creating stories that keeps her awake at night.


Her imagination and creative direction catch the eye of a Parisian fashion editor. In Paris she worked for more than 20 years with prestigious magazines such Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Dansk, and luxury brand such as Cartier […]

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Should I go naked?



Who are these nude photos for exactly, which photographer should I turn to, how should I get ready? Lots of important questions to ask yourself. There are lots of photographers in New York and you do not want to find yourself naked, in uncomfortable positions, in front of a stranger who’s getting an eyeful. Or even to have the feeling of being at the gynecologist office in uncomfortable poses. There are certainly some poses to avoid that will already know, legs too wide apart, finger in the mouth, mouth too open … so, not getting confused between vulgar and sexy is clearly essential.


Make-up too, is very important. Too much and you’ll quickly look like a stripper. Nude photography is very delicate, romantic, sensual and sexy too. From the very beginning, you have to have the will to do it, to achieve […]

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