Raya was born in Israel. When she was 10, she moved to Paris.

With her first small job she bought her first camera. A few boring jobs later she bought a more serious camera and developed an irresistible passion for creating stories that keeps her awake at night. Her imagination and creative direction caught the eye of a Parisian fashion editor. In Paris she worked for more than 10 years with prestigious magazines such Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Dansk, and luxury brand such as Cartier and Sephora.

Raya is a multi award winning photographer. She won the International Fashion Photography Festival in Cannes (France), has been named Master Hasselblad and her work has been exposed in Paris, London, Beijing, Dubai and New York.

Raya fell in love with New York and moved there for 5 amazing years focusing on advertising for beauty and jewelry brands. She then moved to China for 18 month where she shot major local campaigns. She is now back in New York and is considered to be among the 10 best fashion photographers in the industry

Here is a link to Raya’s fashion website: www.rayaphotographer.com


RAYA IS NOT A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, she is a fashion photographer and you can see a difference in her work. For each boudoir shooting or other portraits she creates a specific lighting that correspond to each person. For her, daylight is not enough.

Raya’s experience allows her to make everybody comfortable during a shoot, especially when it’s your first shooting and you’re not a professional model. The goal is always the same, to make you look and feel beautiful.

Raya uses the high-end medium format digital camera Hasselblad HD and the best lighting equipment.