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The studio is located in Dumbo, one of the most trendy areas in Brooklyn. From there you can walk for 3 minutes and get the best views of the Manhattan skyline.

The studio is a 5 min drive from the Manhattan bridge.

The photoshoot could lead to a great fun afternoon, finishing with a great dinner (plenty of excellent restaurants nearby and the Time Out Marke). So treat yourself, you deserve it!

The 1500 square foot studio has a few different spaces:


Beauty space

Large Makeup station for your hair and makeup.

Before the shoot, My beauty team, a professional makeup artist and hairstylist will discuss the options that would work best for you

I have also a book with a ton of makeup and hairstyle for inspiration.

You can also send me some inspiration photos ahead of the shoot, or save them on your phone to share with the team at the studio.

For example, we can do

A Glamour makeup such as Smoky eyes neutral lips, 

eyeliner and red lipstick, or natural makeup.

A little glow for the body

For the hair

We can do the famous Victoria’s Secret style

Vintage hold Hollywood

Glamour curls…


A little table for snacks between changing your look.

Tea, cold drinks, chocolate for energy.


Shooting space

We have a beautiful Victorian sofa for an Old Hollywood glamour look.

The cinema lighting is specially used for that. 

We have also tons of accessories, such as a feather fan, vintage sewing machine


We can also use the sofa for more modern looks

It’s perfect for all boudoir sexy positions that emphasized the beauty of your body.


Changing room

We have a private big space for your privacy


Maternity racks

The first rack is full  of tulle puffy glamour maternity gown 

The second, more classic sexy maternity dresses and robes.

And the third one is full of delicate chiffon fabric for all the flying dress look.


Glamour racks

A rack with couture gowns, 

Another with elegant long dresses,

Faux fur wrap and accessories.

Shelves with different jewelry, necklace, earring, bracelets…

And a few headpieces.

Rack of shoes.


Boudoir racks

We ask our client to bring one or 2 or 3 sets of lingerie because lingerie is very specific in terms of sizes

We complement the look with our see-through, lace robes.

Newborn area

Changing table with all what you need, such as diapers, rash creams, pads, cleaning wipes…

All our accessories are sterilized in the studio

Heating bottle, Heather to keep you and baby comfortable

Rack with all accessories for the shoot, such as bowls, apple box, small bed, bucket, air ballon where we can put the baby.

and another rack with all the fabrics for decor, and handmade crochets, mohair, faux fur…

We have also tons of different backgrounds

A special rack for all the newborn outfits, little crochet rompers, bunny bonnets, teddy bear bonnets and so much more cutie outfits.

Very neutral and organic colors, cream ivory brown, and light pink peach.


When I do a family photoshoot with young siblings I have my kid space which includes:

a big carpet, full of toys, Lego, coloring prints, white and blackboard, books and more…


Fashion area

Photo Studio Backdrop Support System,

We have tons of different color backgrounds, 

Grey, brown, green, blue, and a few different gradients, for any mood.

we can do any type of photoshoot 

We have a lot of lighting equipment.


Computer station

My computer is tethered to my camera, so you can see immediately the photo appearing.


Presentation wall

Who you can see an example of





Folio book and more.


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