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1 After you looked at all our packages on our website,

you can book online or call Michael the studio manager, for any questions you may have.


2 you will choose the best date for your shoot, taking into account our availabilities and the availabilities of the beauty team as well.

Michael will send a link with an invoice for the deposit.

He will send you also all the recommendations to get ready for the shoot.

Makeup for Photoshoot

I will ask you to send me a very simple selfie, natural as possible, just to send to the beauty team. So can see the skin tone and your hair length.

We will discuss the creative direction you want to take for the shoot.

You can send me inspiration photos if you know what you want. If not, we will do a small meeting before the shoot, with the team.

Makeup for Photoshoot

3 When you arrive in the studio, 

We will do a small meeting to talk about the makeup and hair and then do a style consultation where we look at your outfits and what you pick from the things we have in the studio. We will talk about, the backgrounds and all the options. 

The makeup and hair will take 1 hour approximately, where the make artist and the hairstylist will take care of you at the same time.

During the shoot I will guide you for all the different poses, you could see the photos appear directly on the computer and you will feel more confident as the shoot progresses


Between the different looks, you can have some tea or cold drinks, snacks or you can simply take a break during the session.

Makeup Station Photoshoot

4 When the shoot is done, you can pay the balance by credit card (with our card reader).

Please note that we never keep your card number.


After the shoot, on the same day, I will send you a link with all the raw photos I took in the studio. All with watermarks.

Hair Styling for Photoshoot

At home, you will be able to choose your favorite photos and send me your selection.

I will retouch them and send them to you for approval. Once you approve them, I will make them in black & white too.

It takes me approximately one hour to retouch 1 photo, so take your time to make your selection.


You will have your photos retouched in 1 day, so after you can let me know if you want to print them, put them in a book, or get them as matted prints or canvas. You can see all the products on the website.


My team is very welcoming and very fun to work with,


You can also bring your best friend, your husband or your pet, we love dogs 🙂

I hope you will love every moment of the shoot, And let us pamper and spoil you!

And at the end of the day, you will have beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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