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Your Hollywood Portrait offers different ideas and looks for your Maternity Photoshoot.

You can decide if you want to makeup artist and hairstylist for the shoot


Your Hollywood Portrait proposé multitudes of options for maternity photoshoot


First look

The flying dress look

Basically, it’s a fabric, generally chiffon but can also be silk, that I will wrap around you, and just make it fly 🙂 your husband or friend is welcome to help. The result is amazing!

it’s simple, elegant, and beautiful

We have a variety of colors to choose from


2nd look

Little black crop  top

It’s a classic, a black crop top that shows your belly.

A simple look, modern and nice.


3rd look

The gown or dress

We have several maternity gowns with chiffon and tulle and a few other simple long dresses.

We have différents colors to chose from.

You can also bring your favorite outfit too.


4th look

The fine art naked photo

Black background or other.

Can be 3 quarters, or totally laying down on a black background. Often I add a mirror effect with photoshop

Generally, your beast will be covered by your hand or hair.

Maternity Photography

All the photos will be nicely and naturally retouched, especially the skin,

Any redness, skin damage, stretch mark or dark circles will be removed,

The skin will be smooth and nice.


We also have different backgrounds to choose from.


All the photos will be in color and black and white as well.


So are you ready for your maternity photoshoot?

A portrait full of love, a great memory that will last forever.


PS: It’s always good to have skin color bras and string or panties. Black panties could also be useful.


Raya, your Maternity Photographer



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