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Have you ever thought about getting photographed by a true professional?

Along with our celebrated team, our award-winning photographer, Raya, empowers you to celebrate the true beauty of masculinity in all its wonderful diversity. Our photo shoots give you the opportunity to capture your emotions and body in a creative, beautiful, and intimate way.


Why do men book boudoir shoots?

Men come to our studio for so many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to capture “before” and “after” photos to mark a body transformation. Other times, men book shoots to create thoughtful, sexy photo gifts for their partners. And a lot of our male clients just want to boost their body confidence with a creative, intimate shoot that makes them feel amazing!

Boudoir for Men, Dudeoir

Do I need to be completely nude?

No – our shoots are built completely around you. You can wear a tank top, go topless, wear underwear, or go full nude boudoir. Whatever you decide, our team is here to create your dream photo shoot experience.


What if I don’t know how to pose for boudoir?

Lots of our clients have never been photographed professionally before. Our award-winning photographer, Raya, will meet with you before the shoot for a consultation, then coach you through poses on the shoot day. We know how to create a professional, intimate, and welcoming environment, where you feel comfortable being playful and trying new poses.


What should I wear?

It’s totally up to you what outfits and accessories you wear in the shoot. But if you need inspiration, think of sexy Calvin Klein ads: bring a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt or open shirt, and nice boxers. For body poses, we recommend wearing a skin color string.


Will you do my makeup?

Yes, if you want. Our make-up artist can do a light touch-up or a full face of glam.

Boudoir for Men, Dudeoir

Where are you located?

Our 1,300 sqft studio is located in trendy Dumbo, Brooklyn, right across from the Manhattan Bridge. If you’re driving, there are parking spaces nearby.




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