A word from the photographer

Hey guys,

I know you want to take the leap, but I also know that we have many concerns and doubts.
What I can promise you, is that at the end of the shoot, you will be glowing, happy, confident, and ready to fight for yourself. Nobody will stop you!
You deserve this feeling.

We need to be seen. No need to be a model for that, we all can do it.
That is what my clients say and I’m so proud and grateful to be a part of this experience.

Let my team and I take care of you. You have nothing to do just relax and enjoy the show 🙂

Raya, your male boudoir photographer.

Sexy and Elegant Boudoir

How it works

1. Let’s talk
Let’s talk about your boudoir photoshoot. We will share some inspiration and ideas. You can ask any questions you have in mind.

How It Works 1

2. Choose your package
Whether you’re looking for a quick lunchtime boudoir photo shoot or a half-day luxury couple’s experience, we have a package to suit your needs.

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3. Turn up on shoot day
Let yourself be pampered and guided by our team. And just have fun during the unique experience

How It Works 3

100% of customers left a 5* review!

Here is an extract from women like you and me

Google Reviews Copy

“Your Hollywood Portrait has a beautiful selection of wardrobe options, the studio is gorgeous, and the makeup and hair team is superb. Our photos came out stunning and Raya was open to feedback about how we wanted the photos edited in the style that best suits us.” – Samantha G.S.

“You really do get what you pay for here: amazing service, talented hair/makeup artists, and of course beautiful images. They were the sweetest in helping me with my 1920s vision and we had a lot of fun at the shoot!” – Holly K.

Yelp Reviews Copy

“I can’t even begin to explain how amazing the whole experience was – from communication with Michael (the office manager) to the stylists and Raya! I am NOT photogenic – I make weird faces and I’m awkward as hell. Out of 100 pics, I usually like maybe 2. Out of Your Hollywood Portrait’s 129 pics, I love 118.” – Sue K.

“I booked a photoshoot with Your Hollywood Portrait as a Valentine’s Day present for my wife and she had an amazing experience. She went in very uncertain about the whole situation and came out feeling like a supermodel. And most importantly, the portraits backed up how she felt! It turned out to be just as much a gift for me as it was for her.” – Henry C.

The Knot

“They walked me through the process, showed me which poses would work, and were patient and encouraging when I struggled with trying to emulate supermodel-ness. When I looked at Raya’s portfolio, I realized she had actually shot campaigns for well-known lingerie brands! Even though I look nothing like the models I saw in these campaigns, my photos are simply beautiful!” – Knottie26534512

“Raya knew how to direct me (I’m not a professional model…far from it!) and crafted sophisticated lighting to give an editorial feel to the photos. The result weres some amazing photos and a speechless husband who was ecstatic with his gift. A boost of confidence for me!” – Knottie14293850

Here are a few ideas of the type of outfit to bring to a boudoir shoot for men:



It’s totally normal to be nervous. A boudoir shoot is an empowering experience. As a woman, I definitely understand. But don’t worry. When you enter the studio, my all-female team will welcome and pamper you. We will help you with the styling and I will guide you through all the posing.

After each shoot, I can see my client transform, happy and confident.

You will be too!

The ideal age is TODAY! You deserve to treat yourself to an empowering experience and show yourself how beautiful you are.

Of course, we do have very glamorous plus-size gowns and dresses!
You can also bring some outfits of your own as a backup.

For the boudoir shoot, each client brings their own lingerie, so that it fits perfectly. We also have some see-through or lace robes at the studio.

Men come to our studio for so many different reasons. Sometimes, it’s to capture “before” and “after” photos to mark a body transformation. Other times, men book shoots to create thoughtful, sexy photo gifts for their partners. And a lot of our male clients just want to boost their body confidence with a creative, intimate shoot that makes them feel amazing!

Our studio offers boudoir photoshoots that are inclusive and welcoming to all clients, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

We are offering boudoir photoshoots tailored to LGBTIQA+ clients, with a safe and supportive space where everyone can express themselves freely and feel comfortable

It’s totally normal that some parts of your body are not perfect, we are human!

I can tell you that all my clients, young and old, are perfect. And we want to be ourselves but not focus on the part that we don’t like.

As a woman, I respect that.

For the stomach, for example, we will do some poses that hid the stomach, for instance by using your arm. I will adjust the lighting and use shadows. I have all the tricks 🙂

And you are more than that, so we will focus on the good stuff!

After the shoot, I will do some natural and light retouching, to make it right.

I have been shooting for over 20 years with every kind of person. My fashion photography background helped me perfect my style, and customize my lighting to catch my client’s beauty and emotions. My Parisian touch allows me to create sexy yet elegant and unique boudoir photos. 

We are completely upfront with our pricing and don’t hide any detail.

Michael, my studio manager, will walk you through the whole process before the shoot. 

We are located in trendy Dumbo, Brooklyn, a few minutes from downtown Manhattan, and a great neighborhood to spend a few hours before or after the shoot.

You will also love our beauty team!

As a photographer, I love to capture your beauty of course but also capture YOU as the woman or man you are, so in 10 years you will remember and you will be proud.

Not only your outer beauty but also your inner beauty.

Capturing your emotions, your strengths, and what makes you, You.

I want you to remember and celebrate yourself through these photos. I want you to be seen.

Time goes past so quickly, take a few hours for yourself. Let’s immortalize this moment.

It’s a fantastic experience,

And maybe we’ll see you again in 10 years, or less!

Discover our stunning 1,300 sq ft studio


  • Scenic backgrounds
  • Cinema Lights
  • Victoria’s Secret style wings
  • Gowns and Props
  • Shoes & accessories


Find us in NY’s trendiest neighborhood

Dumbo, 5 min from Downtown Manhattan


…with breathtaking Manhattan views


Meet your award-winning boudoir team

Raya Portrait

Boudoir Photographer
Raya is French Female photographer who has spent 20 years shooting for prestigious editorials like Harper’s Bazaar and high-fashion brands like Cartier in Paris. She helps everyone feel comfortable and empowered – even if you’ve never had a photo shoot before.


Hair stylist
Keila is a diversely talented hair artist. She’s contributed to many editorials over her two decades in the industry and is passionate about the best style that compliments you


Makeup artist & hair stylist
A multi-lingual makeup artist and hair stylist from Hong Kong, Kaman has worked with magazines, brands, TV shows, and music artists across the world. The result is always elegant


Makeup artist
Philipp is a creative and imaginative makeup artist who has worked on large commercial campaigns for high-street and luxury brands. You will love his makeup style.


Studio Manager (working remotely)
Michael speaks French, Russian, and English.
He will be the first to answer all your questions, and he will guide you through all the process (booking, payment, parking, hotel booking..and more)

Book your boudoir photo shoot

You will have a unique experience with amazing lifetime memories.

Keep those memories