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Who are these nude photos for exactly, which photographer should I turn to, how should I get ready? Lots of important questions to ask yourself. There are lots of photographers in New York and you do not want to find yourself naked, in uncomfortable positions, in front of a stranger who’s getting an eyeful. Or even to have the feeling of being at the gynecologist office in uncomfortable poses. There are certainly some poses to avoid that will already know, legs too wide apart, finger in the mouth, mouth too open … so, not getting confused between vulgar and sexy is clearly essential.


Make-up too, is very important. Too much and you’ll quickly look like a stripper. Nude photography is very delicate, romantic, sensual and sexy too. From the very beginning, you have to have the will to do it, to achieve these silkily sexy images, which are both glamorous and tasteful. We want to create photos of beautiful women, with all their emotions, their softness and their beauty. You don’t need to be perfect to pose naked, all women worry about their flaws.

But we really mustn’t worry about that, because nothing like that will appear in-shot, so long as you choose a seasoned professional for the job. Your job is to relax yourself; my job is to make you look sublime.

I always try to get my models to focus more on their qualities rather than their imperfections. The positioning of the body, the make-up, the hair styling, the shadows and the lighting, all these secrets which I can share with you, along with a few digital tricks, work very well to soften finally the skin au natural. It would be a shame to pay less and see your photos ruined by unskilled digital influences.

So, we can make every single woman feel beautiful whilst naked. Mothers, young girls, seniors, plus size ladies, petite ladies, we are woman after all and we all want a beautiful.

You’re not, of course, even to obliged to show off everything, bras over the chest can be quite sexy without revealing all that there is to see. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go.

But all of this is a work of both confidence and teamwork. And of course women are always more at ease with a female photographer.

The final result is worth the effort, you only need to do photos like this once in your life, and the memory will remain forever. All of this, is of course, without even getting started on the best present that your other half can receive, YOU.


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