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There are different types of photographers.
Boudoir Photographer
Wedding photographers, who are more reporters and work in natural light, outside very often.

Headshot photographers, for actors, passport photos and corporate photos. Theses photos need to be very simple, simple basic light, generally window light or one strobe.

Boudoir: Often, a lot of moms who love photography and doing this as a hobby in their own apartment with a window light. Sometimes one light, but rarely in a professional environment, and with amateur makeup or hair stylist.

Wedding photographers, headshot photographers or photographer enthusiast often do boudoir too.

Fashion photographers worked with professional advertising agencies. Their client expectations are really high. The light should be sophisticated, the poses refined. They work with magazines, catalogs, and a very big team, for the post-production, makeup, hair, artistic direction…

I think I am one of the very few fashion photographers, who do boudoir and portrait, and have done high-end editorial work and adverting campaign for lingerie brands

I also have a top-notch equipment: My Hasselblad HD camera and 2 kinds of lighting
Why some of your packages are expensive?
When you want to buy a dress, you have a choice you can go to Dior or you can get a more affordable option
We are the Dior of photography,
I invest a lot in my studio, equipment, accessories, furniture decor, computer, and the best camera. Also the best team, a very good makeup artist and hair stylist who work regularly on editorial, they not will come for 20 dollars.
My goal is to give my client with the best quality of photos they can get. My books, prints, or canvases cost a bit more, but it worth it, these photos will stay forever.

French touch, does it matter?

A lot of boudoir photography studios have a name that sounds French, a lot also think boudoir is the word for the bedroom in French.
Totally wrong, it calls Chambre a coucher.
Boudoir is the place who woman change, put the makeup , arrange their hair, put their corset (at the time), prepare themselves to go out, to dinner or a party.
I lived more than 20 years in Paris, I worked with a lot of magazines, Harper’s Bazaar Elle, brands like Sephora… I get the French elegant style, I have this eye.
I just cannot get rid of the French accent either.

I think it’s important to see what works better for my client in terms of makeup, hair, clothes. The right position, the right light.
To do the perfect photo that corresponds to your personality.

What can we find in your studio?

We can do all the stories you want, Old Hollywood, cinema lighting, elegant boudoir, burlesque, or romantic, pinup, Victorias’ secret style,
I have an old typewriter, a 1920 sewing machine, for all the pinup style, WW2 uniforms, Oscar de la Renta couture gowns, corsets…

We have all the decor you need, Victorian couch, shoes, jewelry feathers, and so much more.

Even for Family, you can choose your era, 1920,30,40,50.
Addams Family can be fun to do 🙂
If you have an idea, let’s do it, if you don’t have something specific in mind, I have tons of stories that we can create together.
We have different budgets, depending how many photos retouched you want, canvas, book, makeup hair.
I don’t forget that the most important it’s you and that you need to be comfortable to look good
What about Photoshop part? And your equipment?
I know a lot of photographers that recreate 90% of the photo in Photoshop. I love to work on every aspect before I do my photo, light, frame, position, emotion…so everything looks nice and natural.
Photoshop is important too, I use for clean the skin, to make the last touch.
It has to look nice and natural, so 90 % natural 10% Photoshop.

I love to use a cinema light, for me, the light is the most important, I use strobes, or my favorite light is a continuous light called LUPOLUX, they come from Italy. Absolutely perfect to do different ambiances, depending on the stories.

My camera is an Hassleblad HD, most editorial professionals use it.
Each photo has such as high resolution that you can make a billboard.
You can see the photos on the large Mac screen as the shooting progress (my camera is directly connected to it).

And we can sit down after the shoot and choose the photos together.

How to book or get information?


You will find most of the information on our website,

You can book directly online, or if you need any information, you can call my studio manager (Michael has a lot of experience talking to clients, so don’t hesitate)
Or just send him an email.
Michael will guide you on all the steps.

It’s important to me that my clients feel that they a good hands.
In the studio, we are an all female team, so it more comfortable if we are doing a boudoir session

What if I am not photogenic or not very thin?

A good portrait is not about size; it’s about You to be the best you can be.
I have a lot of clients who tell me they are not photogenic. But believe me, when you see yourself, in the mirror, with makeup and hair done, beautiful dress, you feel so much more comfortable. it changes everything. And when you feel good, the photos look good
You don’t have to stress. You will get pampered and then I will guide you for the poses and throughout the shoot. You will feel great during and after the shoot.
In real life, we don’t have time to take care of ourselves, kids, work…
But we need to remember that we are still feminine and sexy.
The photoshoot will boost your confidence. Apart from your wedding day, when was the last time you have your photo professionally taken.
Every person deserves it.
You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s my job, and I am good at it.

Everyone is focusing on its imperfections. I’m focusing on the best of you, and you will be surprised to see the result.

I not will change you, the goal is to emphasize your best features.
This is a great gift for yourself, but also to the one who loves you, it’s kind of a heritage. A portrait that will immortalize your emotion, beauty and youth forever.
Let’s celebrate you and have fun.


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