Raya is a French fashion and beauty photographer based in New York. For over 15 years she has been working with magazines like Harper's Bazaar, and shooting campaigns for brands like Sephora or Cartier. She decided to open her photo studio in Little Italy to create glamour photography in New York for every woman. Raya thinks that if you do it right, every woman can look beautiful and elegant in a boudoir photography setting. Raya is not a wedding photographer, she is a fashion photographer and you can see a difference in her work. As a boudoir photographer in New York she creates a specific lighting that correspond to each person. For her, daylight is not enough. Raya's experience allows her to make everybody comfortable during a shoot, especially when it's your first shooting and you're not a professional model. The goal is always the same, to make you look and feel beautiful. You can find a lot of choices for Boudoir Photography in NYC but very few glamour photographers in New York who have Raya’s experience and know how to guide you and achieve this amazing result during the shoot. Lingerie brands, both in Paris and New York, have trusted Raya to shoot their campaign (including billboard campaigns). She knows exactly how to position a woman’s body to highlight certain features and use her sophisticated lighting to hide the small imperfections. This is crucial to create amazing boudoir photography in her New York City studio. Raya has also shot numerous beauty editorials, and many beauty campaigns, which perfected her skills as a portrait photographer in New York. Doing Boudoir Photography and Portrait Photography in New York requires a great photographer, and the results are even better with a great team for hair and makeup. Raya has worked throughout her carrier with very talented professionals and picked a few to be her hair stylist and makeup artist for YourHollywoodPortrait.

A little pinch of Photoshop, and your photos look perfect!